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 The LAst Month New'S.....

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PostSubject: The LAst Month New'S.....   Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:30 pm

iRiver preparing to launch its own handset; Shows some very... (Into Mobile)
I do believe the pure media players are counting their last days. There may be room for video-centric devices with larger screens even in the future, but having a separate music/MP3 player is kinda obsolete these days. iRiver knows that, hence they’re working on their own handset. According to PC Magazine, they’ll be rolling out their first mobile phone in the coming months. The iPhone like device will feature the 3″ 480×272 touchscreen, 4GB of flash store, 2 MP camera that can also record video, built in GPS and some (unspecified) mobile TV receiver. We’ve no idea what radios iRiver will put inside the phone, but given the fact they’re competing with Apple, it’s better for them to bundle both 3G and WiFi radios inside. Finally, iRiver’s Owen Kwon promises the upcoming device will be “more affordable” than the iPhone. Now let’s just wait and see what these guys can do… Almost forgot, at the CES - iRiver demoed its device with “very familiar” interface. According to the iRiver people, the showcased UI was only meant to demonstrate what the phone was capable of, not a finalized version of the OS. [Via: Engadget Mobile] ---Related Articles at IntoMobile:Apple Store starts prepping for iPhone launch with giant iPhone displays!Meizu's MiniOne M8 user interface looks too familiar?Symbian handset manufacturers at the CESAT&T to launch red BlackBerry Curve 8310?The Official Nokia CES Flickr Set

[09:50] Palm's upcoming OS is code-named Nova; First devices with... (Into Mobile)
In case “wasting resources” isn’t the word you wanted to use to describe the “thing” Palm is working on for some time now, we have a new word for it. It’s called “Nova” and the company internally test it on the device codenamed &#8220...

[10:30] T-Mobile UK bundles free WiFi with web'n'walk plus or pro plans (Into Mobile)
Here’s something for out readers from the United Kingdom. T-Mobile has prepared a special deal for new users signing up for web’n'walk plus or pro plans. With each of the two plans, users also get free access to over 1,200 T-Mobile HotSpots in the UK. To give you a bro...

[14:44] 2007 - the year in review (All About Symbian)
Before 2008 starts to get too far away from its starting blocks, rest assured that Rafe hadn't forgotten his traditional 'Year in Review', looking at all the events and stories that AllAboutSymbian covered in 2007 . Did you know that this site put up 1750 pieces of cont...

[16:40] Flip Silent Updated to Version 1.02 (Saves Battery!) (Symbian in Motion)
Flip Silent, the awesome app that I spoke about in an earlier post, has just received a very important update. For those who missed it, Flip Silent makes use of the accelerometer allowing you to silence your ringer by simply rotating your phone face-down (like the S60 Touch demo v...

[16:48] 5 Things Nokia Needs To Learn From Apple (Symbian Guru)
I recently spent a little over a week with the Apple iPhone. I can’t say it was the best experience of my life, but I most certainly did notice several things that Nokia should take notes on, and several other things that Apple needs to learn from Nokia. You won’t find ... Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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The LAst Month New'S.....
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